A Tart for Tartan


I hesitated posting this as it actually is a complete failure of a blog shoot : I forgot to take the head that holds the camera onto the tripod, so in effect the camera is either propped on a tomb (i went to a really tiny graveyard and I did ask permission!) or freestanding on the tripod.  #BloggingHacks

As a result the angles and poses suck proverbial booty … Never mind, I do like to wear tartan and couldn’t help but nab this awesome blazer from Primark.

I am currently battling the humongous force of Evil known as The Intergalactic Federation of Estate Agents of London  and so blogging time is limited, though I will dedicate a whole post to the London rental process.

Fellow friends of the Dark, tartan – yay or nay?

 Blazer : Primark, £13

Fishnet dress : Forever 21,  £9.99

Vest dress : Primark, £3.99

Skull Necklace : Ebay, £0.99

Wet look leggings : Very, £9.99

Boots : New Rock


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Jonathan Hopley
Jonathan Hopley

Looks great to me 👍😊

Nici Rivers

I love this outfit! Plaid is literally my favourite pattern.


I like the pics! i think a lot of people pull off tartan well, yourself included. i don’t think i’m one of them though so I usually steer clear


Then it must be the subject not the camera that carries the day 🙂