Belfast Alternative Fashion Week 2019

Let me start by being extremely honest : Belfast Alternative Fashion was definitely not what I expected. To give some context and perspective to this, let me preface that this was something I booked because I thought it was going to be the black sheep equivalent of London Fashion Week – ok not as big but you get my gist?

If you have been following/reading this blog for a bit, you may have noticed that this chick over here is obsessed with all things dark, black, metally, spikey and extravagantly glamorous.

So, when I saw the below advertised on Eventbrite, and after doing some google image search it tickled my fancy. After all, I live for all things alternative and out of the norm, and experiencing things is what makes me wake up in the morning (along with AC/DC’s Back in Black)

Now, let me also add that something not matching your subjective expectation does not necessarily mean it is a negative experience – in fact it can turn out to have achieved some other positive results, which it did for me and I will explain in a minute.

I RSVPd to the event on Facebook, and was quickly contacted by Rachel Mayhook, a designer exhibiting at the show asking if I was willing to model for her and her brand JeanJacketDesigns.

Thunderella + Catwalk? YASSSSS!!!

After accepting, I did feel very anxious as I am going through some ongoing health issues which have made me balloon WAY beyond my normal weight (seeing a specialist for thyroid next week in fact). As a former anorexic, this is mental torture that not many people can understand. But I tried to brush it away (with a nutella panini).

I arrived in Belfast … EXHAUSTED. That was my face on Friday. Dear fashionistas, please note the fabulous matching of the double eyebags with the double muffin top #FatFatigueStyling

Honestly, whatever I have been plagued with has made me lethargic and utterly drained.  But, I got a message from Rachel to come hang out in the evening for fittings, cake and drag queens, and that sort of forced me to re-energise and be social in the evening.

I took an uber to Rachel’s flat and got to meet her family and partners in crime who were all lovely and very welcoming. I then discovered that this event was not really what I thought, but an event sponsored by World Equal, a magazine promoting diverse artistic creativity – which covers all ranges and spectrum of alternative and… not Goth lol.  But that was OK!

Because it challenged my perception. I sort of showed that my mind was close-minded by expecting it to only be Goth/Punk Alt oriented. Sure, the styles that were to be catwalked were not MY style but they were representative of OTHER. And Lord Lemmy knows we all want to be allowed to be our own STYLE OF OTHER, right?!

So I really really loved the initiative, and whilst I did not get a chance to chat with the organiser Shelley Rogers, she was ever so smiley and running her show like a pro!

And mama was given a VIP Press pass 🙂

I took these photos whilst feeling absolutely awful – I woke up nauseous and with a huge headache. I actually stayed in bed for a couple of hours before getting out as I was paralysed in lethargy and unexplainable headache.

Nonetheless, I took an uber and made it!

The event was held in Belfast Castle and I have taken a few pics of the preparations.

This is Josh Mayhook, who is a talented artist and has painted his own jacket :

Goodie bag prep!

This room is the main entrance room for guests and was being prepped with the relevant brand stands.

A beautiful room to walk in, with a live band setting the scene behind the ‘EQUAL’ sign. Note the VIP table in the middle, where additional twirling was required !

Do you want to know what goes on backstage at a fashion show? 

Organised Chaos!

Kudos to Rachel – this is a room that was full to the brim with outfits and people, including drunk drag queens and little mischievious children, and she needed to organise the running order as well as sort people’s hair, make up and outfits within a very limited time. I tell you what, it was dead impressive to see !

Spot my Spot 😉

This is Dean Mayhook, modelling a Thor jacket he painted himself as well as a Venom shirt. Oh, and the shoes and jeans !

He also did Fiona’s Wonder Woman shoes – cute no?

This was the main entrance from where models were also queuing to start walking down the catwalk.

And that’s me … loving my hair wayyyy too much with a gazillion selfies on my phone! Honestly the hair stylist did such a great job! I have now bought a curling iron because I am obsessed !

I don’t have many pics of the catwalk as I was busy prepping for being on it, but this was it, you can see the band at the back, they did a wonderful job and it was really cool walking down to the sound of live music.

And this is your girl here with her forever-glued to her feet, New Rock boots lol!

Me back to the darkness with Josh for a wee photo at the Jean Jacket Designs stand.

Oh and I met some really lovely people – Becki Mayhook and Ross Davidson, who is writing a book about his accident and experiences. It was a pleasure chatting with him and discovering Jameson, lime and lemonade!

So in summary, this was definitely not the same type of events I have been covering so far on this blog, but guess what, it was incredible nonetheless! Not many people will be given an opportunity to walk a catwalk and for that I am absolutely grateful to Rachel and her team, who have been nothing but amazing and so supportive of each other.

In any case, that is another catwalk under my heavy metal belt, I really hope I can make it again to the alternative modelling catwalk so I can get all my metal out!

Have you ever attended or participated in a fashion show?




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