Bow Down Witches : Outfit & Mood

These pictures were taken in my soon to be ex-jail, ie Satan’s secondary residence. Honestly, this flat has caused me so much hassle, and not to mention burned holes deeper than the Grand Canyon in my bank account. I have not had a decent night of sleep, nor been practicing guitar or creating things – all goals I have had for eons.

But I am motivated to ROCK !!! And it doesn’t matter that people around me do not support me or give me the side-eye, or even act sneakily,  because the only thing that matters is that I love what I do !!! And I am so happy and proud to have people sharing this and being generally really cool and engaging.

*dances on top of the neighbours living room with Demonia platforms*


The outfit is made of the following :

  • a studded vest from heartless  which you can find cheap on Ebay !
  • demonia platform boots – sooo comfy ! I got mine for £44 on Amazon – always lookout for Amazon as their prices depend on stock levels and demand, i bought two demonia pairs for under £50 each because they were last in stock
  • Boohoo tshirt (love it!) £8
  • A faux leather skirt from Reserved, but Zara does do it every year or so, so do check them! My skirt was £9.99
  • The pentagram necklace is Killstar , I got it in one of their sale but it is currently priced at £24.99 which I think is excessive.






I am extremely tired but full of fire and rage !! In fact, I am currently listening to Dio and screaming this line from The Last in Line:

We’re off to the witch we may never never never come home but the magic that we’ll feel is worth a lifetime

And that is fucking true – I may not make anything monetary out of what i do, I may not look like a 6ft tall gothic plastic queen (am happy with my hobbitness ta very much), I do not believe in whoring myself out for branding and just paying lip service for freebies.

But I love the process of blogging and being creative and that is the MAGIC !!!!!

Society is always and forever sending us images of what ‘good’ looks like, and this applies both in mainstream and alternative worlds.

I say … ‘fuck you society!!!’ and fuck idiots who have scales of gothness and scales of metalness. I swear to Lemmy, there are some seriously brainwashed people outthere.

I determine what good looks like and how I want to be. I will label myself if I want to.

Will you be another brick in the wall or the rogue crack in the wall ? Remember that you will never be somebody by being like everybody else !!!

💁🏻 Thunderella 💁🏻


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4 replies to “Bow Down Witches : Outfit & Mood”

  1. Ami Amour says:

    this outfit is so cool. love the witchy vibes. and i agree with you, i will never conform to what society says looks good

    1. Thunderella666 says:Author

      Thank you 😊 !

  2. tom says:

    They are bowing down. Did they have a choice? 🙂

    1. Thunderella666 says:Author

      Everybody has a choice but it’s about making the right one 😉

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