First Haul of 2019 : Keepin’ Casual in The Back Garden

Having social anxiety and a lazy booty doesn’t mean one has to exercise their antisocial behaviour without a modicum of decorum, does it? [yasssss in 2019 – i am recovering my fancy vocabulary!]

I am challenging this from my back garden today – with some items from my first haul of 2019!

** Ignore the face I was testing my new camera hence the WTF look.**

In the true spirit of who I really am (the Indiana Jones of Alt Clothing – Raider of Primark) i went for a little venture in Camden earlier in the week… And I got myself a new hat and coat from H&M (the coat is a business investment as I will deffo wear it for job interviews, yes HMRC, you read that correctly). Hat was £12 and coat was £49.99 but I used some points off my H&M app [download it!].

The dress was £8 from a charity shop and it will also definitely satisfy work’s strict rules … as well as my new budgeting rules! The belt is £7.59 from Ebay, you can find it here. The seller is UK based so it arrived fast and sound! It did not fall apart upon putting on, which is always a good sign when you buy accessories from Ebay.

Bag and boots are from Killstar and I LOVE THEM! They were both crimbo presents and I honestly can say I am surprised by how comfy the shoes are – I used to own the Luna trainers and they legit killed my feet – I walked back home in my socks the two times I wore them.  So I was worried about reordering shoes from Killstar, however these boots are awesome. I got them with the 20% sale they had over Christmas so a pretty good bargain for my xmas voucher (£75 for the boots and£35.99 for the bag) .


I am doing a massive clearout of clothing this weekend – some to charity and some will be sold online – because, if New Year equals New Me, it definitely means New Clothes ha! However my goal is to source ethically and economically so I will definitely be thrifting a lot more this year. After all, I am possibly being Brexited out so I might as well look truly foreign and special mwahaha!




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6 replies to “First Haul of 2019 : Keepin’ Casual in The Back Garden”

  1. Anonymous says:

    The whole outfit is beautiful. I love those boots

    1. Thunderella666 says:Author

      Many thanks ! X

  2. Jane RM says:

    Looking awesome as ever. I think there’s something in the new year air, I’m planning a wardrobe clear out this afternoon – I have my eye on new frocks on Killstar and need to replenish the pennies through Ebay. Their bags are nice quality as well as looking great, I have the starmap backpack and it is truly the greatest backpack I’ve ever owned. People have stopped me in Sainsburys to ask where I got it from, it’s that pretty.

    I really do have to stop buying astral themed items this year though!

    Have fun thrifting, look forward to seeing the results.

    1. Thunderella666 says:Author

      Thank you! And definitely agreed in the new year air, I just gave away 3 bags of clothing to charity! I also feel like a renewal is due and since I thrift a lot I like to contribute 🙂
      Ooo I have seen that backpack and it is fab ! Nothing wrong with astral theme:) my flat is a tribute to the moon ;)x

  3. Tom says:

    For Casual Fridays although you may need to tone down the chains a bit 🙂

    1. Thunderella666 says:Author

      Oh no these are very useful in meetings with difficult stakeholders 😉

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