Goth Corset Belts On A Budget

Apologies for the delay in between posts, I am still battling my vitamin D and folic acid deficiencies. These things are really draining me, but I got da drugz so I hope to be on the mend soon. drops folic acid

In the meantime, please check out these selection of corset belts for under £20! I am a sucker for belts, as they allow to transform a simple dress into a fashion warrior outfit.

It worked for Conan the Barbarian, so why not for us?


As an example, I am using this Boohoo dress, which could look rad with one of these belts, a big ass choker and some boots. I find splurging on accessories so much more fun than just dropping a lot of money on one dress. It allows me to recycle things and try different looks. Do you agree?

Yay or Nay?

What is your favourite?


🖤 Thunderella🖤

Links :

Wide Laced Corset Belt : Attitude Clothing,  £12.99

Studded O Ring Belt : Amazon, £9.48

Butterfly Elastic Corset Belt : Amazon : £12.99

Black Bardot Dress : Boohoo, £16.50

Roses Corset Belt : Amazon, £8.49

Laced Corset Belt : Attitude Clothing, £14.99

Butterfly Waspie Belt : Amazon, £12.99

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Woah they look awesome! Very nice selection. I plan on making some for & by myself, self drafted. So I won’t buy them, but it’s very inspirational 😁
I agree, accessoiries are the best to make simple outfits shine, but somehow I always end up with the simple outfit alone…

Nici Rivers

I definitely need to get some belts. I agree, they really do transform an outfit, and you can have one dress but with different belts it looks completely different!

Caroline Åsgård

My problem is these belts are too big x’D


Nothing like a little Beefcake to cinch the deal