La Vie En Noir : Paris Edit

Yesterday, I had a bit of a stressful day – all to do with family stuff and hogwash delivered to me all the way from the UK, courtesy of the pair of diseased gonads living below me in London. Thankfully my landlady – who is much more elegant in her description of the cojones locos (“unreasonable idiots“), is agreeing with me in regards to their batshitness.

In fact, she welcomed my offer for them to call the police the next time I fart. See, I am nice and reasonable, no?

Unfortunately, both issues gave me mild anxiety, as I have a really bad tendency to ruminate things in my head, like a spiritual cow. Things just get chewed and chewed constantly in my mind, like a nasty chewing gum, leaving a bitter aftertaste and soreness behind.

My go-to method to let the demons out, is to walk for miles (technically kilometres) and try and imagine aaaalll the bad stuff leaving my body and my mind behind me (sadly,ย this does not work for booty fat).

So, for today I will leave you with some pics which are reflecting my mood as I walked along the river Seine. The sky was ridiculously insane – a fire sky of epic proportions, which matched my inner turmoil.

Let’s just say I was feeling yellow …

[The photos are sadly taken with an iPhone so as grainy as my neighbours’ soul , I got my Canon with me so will do better next time!]

Shiny balls to the wall …

“When life shits on ye, ye can still ride high” – Dude on horse 1865

A la prochaine !

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3 replies to “La Vie En Noir : Paris Edit”

  1. sudeesh says:

    Wow!! Photography sounds utterly perfect. The photograph “The wall” is at its notch.

  2. Tatiana says:

    This looks so beautiful! Did you use iPhone to edit them as well or some desktop program?

    1. thunderella666 says:Author

      Hey thanks for your visit and comment ๐Ÿ™‚ all on the iPhone with an app called PicsArt! Didnt have my camera with me that day, typical !

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