Lookbook : The Casual Spring Witch

Have you ever wondered what an urban witch looks like? Most definitely not, but I am actually one! (nb: good vibes only – the only things I sacrifice are actually Kinder Buenos and my credit card). 

I was out and about in the City during the Easter weekend, in a casual outfit which I tend to wear for “Chillin’ Witchin’ Times” [ie wander about, enjoy nature, drink, eat and strike a pose in between].

casual witch-3

Key notes about this look:

I love to be comfortable when I am out and about and a nice tunic / dress over some funky leggings will always be my go-to.

Adding a long jacket will always jazz up the outfit and keep me warm in the treacherous British “Spring”.

casual witch-4

The hat is from Killstar (Eternal Eclipse, £29.99) but I bought it off a fellow Metalhead selling hers on an alternative facebook group. Always worth checking for bargains!

The glasses are from Disturbia, I wear them all the time and they are now on sale at £11.95. They even have little pentagrams on them, which ward off nasty commuters haha (in my head).

casual witch-17

casual witch-18

casual witch

The jacket is from … Sainsbury’s ! Yep, I always check my local supermarket’s clothing range, once in a while you do find a gem. I love this long jacket, it is thick and well made, and cost me £35, which is much cheaper than what other brands would charge. I am thinking of adding some pins and safety pins to it soon.

casual witch-10

The dress is from Boohoo – I went on a Boohoo binge 3 weeks ago; literally everything I bought was under £8 ! This dress is £4 ! How cool is this??

The shoes are my faithful friends, my flat New Rocks, which are very comfy and usually reserved for outings which require a lot of walking. You can find them here.

casual witch-14

Finally, the leggings are from Banned Apparel. The leggings are called ‘Occult Leggings’, can’t seem to find them in store anymore but they are on Ebay, here for £18.95. They are very comfy actually, and are resisting washing pretty well considering the printing.

Yas, no shrinkage today Satan!

casual witch-15.jpg

Now what to wear next…

casual witch-16

As always, thanks for reading!


PS : I am adding twrling pics because I am not just a witch… I am a Twirling Witch 😉

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Michelle Tan

Hey Mel, I tried reaching you some time ago about a collab but never heard anything back from you. Thought I’d try again via the comments as my mail perhaps didn’t reach you. If you’re open for collabs I’d love to get in touch with you. Feel free to write directly to my email michelle@gurupress.co if you’re interested. Thanks 🙂


would love to see how your corporate goth look or some styles that you could show!! as alt girls, i always find it difficult to find the right balance of alt and professional attire for work. most of my clothes show boobs or are short black lace dresses which would be inappropriate lol

great post by the way, i am loving the look :). i couldn’t find the boohoo dress in my size but boohoo plus have a great selection of things anyway for plus size gals… unlike killstar



David Pinkerton
David Pinkerton

Completely enchanting!😎 or should I say, bewitching 😉🌹


You have put a spell on me


I love the hat and coat combo! and that top is really cute!