⚡When Life Doesn’t Go As Planned⚡

… Put on your comfy shoes, go down your local thrift store and meet a really sweet shop worker who will bring not only a smile to your face but a top and a skirt for your totally random ‘shoot myself on my terrace‘ photoshoot ! Sponsored by : Never Eat Pizza before taking fashion photos cos your friend Dairy-Belly always comes out to the party!

Anyway, I have been and I still am a bit of a Moana Lisa these days. Yes, a Moana Lisa : aka one who moans but is still able to hold it together for a pose. Hashtag : dedication.


My last post was moan central, well this one is moan to the left and moan to the right. I got rhythm y’all !

Still, there is contentment in this post too :  I do like this outfit which was a bargain from the Octavia Foundation, a charity shop which always prices very fairly and does a great job! I donate a lot of my stuff there and always find something nice too. I do believe in doing good and getting good (Karma is not a bitch, Karma is a goth fairy who accepts Paypal).


The top is from Supply and Demand and was £3 and the faux leather skirt is a Zara steal for £6. The pot belly is courtesy of a margherita pizza eaten 20 minutes before I whipped the camera out. Clever Gal!


This week has been really frustrating and stressful, and it is probably why I did quite well in my singing lesson this Friday! I actually screamed like a banshee on the afternoon of the lesson, practicing Judas Priest’s Between the Hammer and the Anvil in the bathroom – not because I am that vain, but because it helped me ensure I opened my mouth wide enough … and also because it echoes greatly and reaches my soon to be ex-neighbours perfectly. TEE-HEE!

As I have given notice to terminate my tenancy, the landlady obviously now wants to advertise the flat for viewings …  And I have been extremely accommodating with supplying lots of slots and days (including Saturdays) for her to send the next victim to this demon’s lair. This flat has terrible energy and I haven’t been able to sleep in it for nearly a year now. This flat is so demonic, even Satan doesn’t haunt it during the night!

My problem is that she booked some people who did not turn up and wasted my time. Then on top of that, they were bombarding me with phone calls whilst at work, when I expressly stated that they should email me as I am too busy running meetings about wheels of cheese (i ain’t joking). Then, I started feeling ill through exhaustion – I am trying to launch a business but it takes an enormous amount of time which I am struggling to find with this flat business.

Then the epitome of the first class problem : THE CHOP !! I have been deeply unhappy with my latest experience at the hairdresser. We had discussed at length (HA i am so funny!) a balayage of purple to black. Sent many pictures on insta. Tell me why when I got there and sat there for  6 hours, I ended up with strands of purple ??

I had to query it via messaging (I was too frazzled post session) and asked ‘ Is there a reason why we didn’t go with what we discussed?’. He could not really answer so I went back the following week … which turned my hair into a goth brillo pad. Which made me so upset I had to go back to another hairdresser I used to go to and whom I trust a lot (Biba in Camden Hair) and ask for advice>

The result?


I am very gutted as it took me a lot of time and effort to grow my hair long. But I do recognise this is a completely asinine problem in the bigger scheme of things.  And I have other things to moan about!


Still, f*** deaf hairdressers !!!


This moaning post was sponsored by a bad day and lots of screaming !

How do you cope with niggly things ruining your day?



⚡A Living Dead Girl in Highgate Cemetary⚡

These last two weeks have been more mental than a Donald Trump rally. Honestly, this is actually possible.

I have been:

  • ill, multiple times – because … just to make sure?
  • dragged into ooooone more neighbour incident which triggered the ‘here’s my notice of termination of inferno residency’ event [yes, I am breaking free a la Freddie Mercury but I wont grow a ‘tache]
  • dragged into endless verbal waffle gatherings meetings about wheels of cheese and how do we trace back the bit of cheese that was taken to the counter and needs to go back to the stock room? CHEESE, PEOPLE!! The WORLD DEPENDS ON THIS PIECE OF WORK! I try to convince myself but it does not work either. #LifeofaBusinessAnalyst
  • dragged into a workshop about launching a successful online business, which resulted in me dragging them to hell for being more fraudulent than KISS  (I hate them).
  • haunted by Satan’s futon. The sofa in my currently flat is the work of the DEVIL : once your butt cheeks hit the surface, you can NEVER leave it. It has this magnetic pull which turns you into this slob.

I did manage to get out of it and … be bitten mercilessly by the guardians of Highgate Cemetery where these photos were taken.

Oh yeah, please note that these photos were taken prior to THE CHOP. THE CHOP is still raw so will be detailed on Wednesday.







On the plus side, I feel like a boss … because I have created a brand and I am currently waiting for the trademark to be approved !! I am also working on designs for my products, so something to be proud of ? (as a living person standing on some poor sod)


Top : EMP Clothing

Skirt : Amazon  (£14.99)

Boots : New Rock

How was your week?



⚡London Edge Autumn 2018 : The Alt Fashion Pledge⚡

…. Yes, it is that time of the year where I bust your (eye)balls with one of the main events in the alternative fashion world : London Edge !!

Whilst primarily targeted at buyers looking to pimp up their shops with the latest in the alternative trends, us bloggers are also regular visitors to the event. You can spot us through the following ways:

  1. High pitched squeals of ‘OMG!!’ echoing throughout the roof;
  2. Wrists heavily-clad with a camera and bolstered with 3 memory cards;
  3. Generally accessorised with a boyfriend / hubby / partner enslaved to do personal photography !

I nearly did not make it as I was still ill, had to pick up some parcels, and my dress also decided to rip itself before leaving … but I DIY’d that renegade frock, and went all safety pin on her lace butt (the rip of course happened at the back!!). ROCK ON! (that’s the smug face at the bottom!)



As usual, it was held in the Business Design Center in Islington, over two days, Sunday 2nd and Monday 3rd of September. Just in time for my birthday on the 4th [thank you God of the Goths Ruling Over Our Dark Incarnation].

Let’s get in, shall we?


This post is going to have a huge influx of catwalk pictures so I am going to go light and package the brand and stand photos.

One of the first stands my goth radar drove me to was the Demonia stand :

Loving the heart platforms and the amount of various patterns on the boots. Goth doesn’t have to be bland 😉




Warning: Banned has a slew of cool bags ready to be adorning our arms, and I am loving the ouija board bag!! I would totally get the actual bag out at work prior to responding to a question and slowly waving it to the right or left to answer. Yes, I am that silly petty!



Watch out for the bat chokers coming your way as well ! Oh,  this announcement was your … bat signal. *cue canned laughter*  [I am super cheesy too]


The Doctor Faust stand was groovy and the stand owners were super friendly; so friendly that I ended up with a free hat!


The lady really took the time to talk about the products and I am totally digging this crucifix bag with changeable crucifix !!




Apologies for the blurry photos, I was too excited waffling on about the ultimate customisation 😉 But essentially, you will be able to pop a splash of colour and get your inner colors out on a proper goth coffin bag. LOVE!


Next highlight for me … possibly of one of the most glamourous brands ever to grace us, Necessary Evil ! I was not as familiar with them in terms of ownership of items as fellow blogger and partner in shenanigans Lolly from Heavy Metal Momma, but thankfully I got all the rundown from her expert hands 🙂


As you can see, I did not take that many photos there as I was too busy …  ravaging the rails! But expect some outfit posts with Necessary Evil items, as I did some rinsing post-event that day!!


These from Kreepsville cracked me up, and I think they would be perfect for the London rain!


I have the skull necklace in silver and I absolutely love it. Got my eyes on the black pumpkin one 😉edge-30.jpg

During my stint, I also met up with my friend Sonia, owner of Drakula Approved,  whom I introduced in a previous post.  Isn’t she talented as hell ??!

And look who I met there? The ever so awesome Lolly, with whom plenty of gothic knowledge was learnt 😉 Oh and watch this space cos we have good stuff planned !!

Right, shall we look at the catwalk?


I am just going to post a flurry of photos and let you decide what you like 😉 You know full well that this mama is straight up onto the black/lace/purple section but appreciate people have other tastes [traitors!]


Girl crush alert : this model literally SLAYED every single outfit she wore! I was so happy to see a melanin popping lady on the catwalk this year. And she honestly was owning all her outfits. Check for yourself!






I have about another 500 pictures to go through, I am not even joking! So pop back this weekend as I will be adding all the catwalk pics 😉

Finally, an Edge post wouldn’t be complete without a shoutout to New Rock, my favourite boots brand ! (remember to quote ‘Thunderella666’ if you want a discount on New Rock Australia)

How cool are those?



The New Rock chair ! Did you know that I am moving flats ….? Tee hee!


So that is it for today folks! I literally took 1253 photos so still plenty to sieve through … !

… Including this pic of me before  afternoon coffee and after insect bites (i went shooting in a field the day before and got bitten to death, thus bloated and allergy … no pain no gain eh?!).


What was your favourite outfit / item? 


⚡Curiology Coven Club: August⚡

I have been wanting to join a monthly subscription box for a while, not only to get regular goodies but also to break out from my current box routine … of Ferrero Rocher.

So I took the plunge before my holiday to Portugal and joined the Curiology Coven Club.


Why did I pick this one? Well, I for one, really love Curiology‘s jewellery and products, they are really unique, original and fairly priced. I own a few bits from Curiology, and they always get (me) compliments!

Things to note about the subscription :

  • The listing to sign up is only open on the first of every month (I had to put a reminder as I missed the July deadline)
  • Each month the recipient is due to receive : an exclusive pin badge, an exclusive necklace, a discount code. For your first package you also receive a membership badge and a scroll with membership details. Yas, like a proper monthly direct debited witch!
  • All this for £10 plus shipping (I believe it is £2.95 for the UK)

What I received :


First things first … the smell of the “black sweetly scented unknown cool ass looking things”  was de-li-cious !! I had no clue what they were upon opening … And yep, they were so exquisitely fragrant that I have to thank the Holy Lemmy for the notice or I probably would have gobbled them straight away *shrugs*

I am a hungry gal.

These are actually wax melts from Bubba’s Meltys which are coconut and vanilla scented, and have been handmade with a noble purpose : to raise awareness for chronic illness, mental illness and disability. Such a great message and goal ! Love it !





My own little scroll of membership ! I am legit baby! I really dig the thinking and effort that has gone into this, honestly this is a nice touch and makes it very cool and in theme.

Finally, my goodies!


These were carefully wrapped – which you cannot see as I am worst than a hungry Gremlin after midnight when it comes to unwrapping things : I DESTROY that shizzle – and the sticker is already stuck on my witchy-desk.

I am super happy with them, especially the ‘Heathen‘ necklace which is really good quality and will really come handy come photoshooting and general photographed shenanigans time !

The two pins are cute and will definitely look good on a black winter jacket, watch out for them in pictures soon!

I am really looking forward to the next box and shall be keeping you posted on this next parcel as soon as it turns up!

Do you subscribe to any monthly delivered boxes?


⚡Purple Hair Hustle : Manic Panic Violet Night⚡

Can you believe that as soon as I landed in the UK from Portugal, I caught a cold AND a non-stop thumping headache? Catch’em all my arse, I really could have done without this combination on top of my return to corporate land. UGH!

As a result I have been feeling extremely rundown and have been more snotty than the entire British Royal family [toilet roll count since last week : minus 5].

On top of it, I have had to run 2 full days of business workshops, completely blindsided by some changes made on the presentation documents whilst I was away, and more spaced out than Apollo 13 (hard to not beat frankly)…

However, whilst I am still sitting on the second part of the Portugal blog posts (soz), I did find the energy to shoot myself [ha] with my new hair, courtesy of a very patient hairdresser and some Manic Panic Violet Night hair dye.

Indoors posing, very prim and proper like :




Outfit details :

Outdoors posing,  pissing off the neighbours and running to the holy toilet roll after each take style :




Outfit details :

  • Shoes are New Rock 
  • Neptune Dress is from Kate’s Clothing on sale for £14.99
  • Necklace is from a badass Etsy seller  Horribell
  • Earrings are from Attitude Clothing

For me, this hair change is a HUGE thing. I know for most people it is just hair and a new color; but for me, who has been repressing myself due to various external influences for so many years, it is a big deal.

… Especially when I turned up to a business workshop which I was running, completely oblivious to the fact that yes, actually the purple does show !!  Funnily enough, I was kind of underwhelmed coming out the hairdresser’s, as I couldn’t see  (or most likely was painkiller’d up and sleepy as fuck) the purple … That is, up until I went to the toilet for a workshop break … and all purple hell broke loose !!

I was so devilishly happy that I actually looked like this : 😈 !

The moral of the story is that the role I play between 9am and 5:30pm shouldn’t change the person I actually am. Sure, I am grateful for the money paid for the acting job, but still, why should I repress my real self for an acting job? After all : no brain cells were harmed in the making of this hairdo 🙂 😈

Yours in Purple Thunder,