⚡ Back In Black ⚡

Back in the days when I was a size 6, and should have been posting way more selfies and bootyfies than I do now, I used to run a fashion blog which was pure style with moaning intervals.


I am just switching to lots of moaning with stylish intervals.

Pattern explained below :


*Oooh shiny, gorgeous, so cool, soooooo pretty!*
*This is SO annoying*
*Oooh shiny, gorgeous, so cool, sooooo pretty!*


*wtf? Seriously?*
*Dafuq is this thunder knob doing?*
*Oooh shiny, gorgeous, so cool, sooooo pretty!*
*I swear to the Gods of Thunder, I am going to rip these idiots so bad they’re going to need a new birth certificate*

Here , have a break from the moaning 🙂

Back In Black


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