⚡ Alt Fashion Picks : Ace of Lace⚡

Sunday, bloody Sunday?  No, rather ‘Sunday, Scatty Sunday’.

I have basically spent most of this Sunday pottering about, making endless plans in my head about which chore to tackle first.

The Cannibal Clothing Pile? This evil entity is sitting on a chair at the end of my bed, and has been growing faster than Donald Trump’s 50 shades of Orangeness. As I extract clean clothing from the washing machine, the Cannibal Clothing Pile devours the newcomers, showing no mercy. It is now clinically obese, and regurgitating single socks once in a while. I think it is at a stage where it requires a Manowar intervention. [*cue epic battle tune*]

The Dirty Dishes Pile? This one isn’t so bad, but every time I approach it, it reminds me of the amount of food I have gobbled down within the last 24 hours : enough to feed Monaco and Luxembourg – not good, especially with Brexit approaching.

Instead, I did what every other woman would have done : browse the internet for the next batch of parcels to annoy my neighbours with !

These are some of my picks … completely inspired by lace and lace ups,  which I have always been a huge fan of.

Do you embrace the lace? 🙂

Lacing Queen

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