⚡An Ode to Owning Your Identity⚡

Prelude: This post is completely tongue in cheek and in reaction to a fair amount of lurkers from my ex-circles (acquaintances and facebook ‘friends’) who just won’t leave me and my big fat lace tutus alone. [thanks for the clicks though]

You see, just because I have been working in corporate offices and toned down my appearance to fit in get my money, it does not mean I am THAT PERSON. From 9 to 5:30, I play a role – I get my Oscars and my Dollars – and then I am reverting to Me, ie Gypsy Goth with a taste for lace, metal, art, literature and all things spooky and fabulous.

I have noticed that acquaintances, ie frenemies, are fine if you are not evolving in the same direction as they are – ie you are on the same level of blandness and passiveness – you do the same shit day in day out. The day you announce or showcase that you are actually taking your passion forward and doing something a bit more outthere (for me it was the blog and photography), My Oh My, how the tides turned quick! Literally seen this :


Similarly, when people realise I am actually not that one dimensional corporate robot, and that I have hobbies and passions which I act uponTHIS happens :

Absolutely ridiculous right? People are so conditioned to be boring basic slaves to the system, that anything deriving from what their Master tells them to be what is meant to be,  and they lose their minds ! Someone actually asked me why I was wearing a nose ring? Um, and why are you wearing less than 3 brain cells dear?

People are devolving into a mass of humans completely lacking the ability to self-think and think outside their comfortable box. Most people are just happy and proud to be acting within parameters which have been predefined for them.

Not me.


In any case, I thought I’d dedicate a Drama Queen Shoot to tell the story !

Remember that I take the piss a lot and do not actually wander round my flat dressed as a budget Maleficent 🙂 or do I ?


“Oh. It seems Mister Bootyfoot and My Little Hoofed Domesticated Mammal are lurking on my blog!! Oh no!” 

 Okay then.

Time to strike a pose, I guess? velvet-3

Upon the realisation that it is the same old backstabbers batch which come populate my analytics.

Bish, you again?! Mmph.velvet-15

How many times did I tell you to leave me alone? HUH?velvet-39

Anyway, I am flattered honey …velvet-7

…But I have a Crown Adjustment Session that I need to take care of?velvet-18

So thanks for coming and see you next time I guess?!

Dress : Amazon  – £26.99 (direct link)

Gloves : Amazon – £1.09 (direct link)

Belt: Killstar – £29.99 (Direct Link)

Cape : The Gothic Shop – £26.50 (direct link)

Necklace: Punk Rave  – £26.10

Have you experienced something similar? How do you deal with everyday people’s closemindedness?

I personally don’t and keep increasing my foolishness but I am interested to hear views!

Until Next Time,


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  1. I’m quite lucky, we’re all weirdos where I work (granted I’m a whole other level of weird and unusual) and they are used to my crazyness! Plus I’ve made it abundantly clear I don’t give a f**keep what they think anyway so they’re all used to it!! But I’m lucky, and I’ve been in my job wayyyyyyyy too long (14 years now!!!). I’m just that crazy old lady in the corner they make show all the newbies round to see if they can hack it, as you need to be insane to work in the NHS!

    1. Haha that’s awesome! I work in the private corporate sector so it’s a nightmare and a half :/ I think I need to join a weirdo sector 😂😂😂 xx

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