⚡Boohoo Halloween Haul⚡

If you type ‘Halloween‘ in Boohoo’s search bar, you will get a plethora of halloween themed goodies … however, I present to you my wee selection – most of which I have placed an order for whilst coming back from a disappointing Gothic Circus Die Show in the Isle of Wight! But this will be a separate moaning session altogether, published next week.

I literally came back today after a 24 hour stay, and I am shattered so today I am just doing a quick post around my picked Halloween bits from boohoo.com.

Public Service Announcement : fear not my people,  for you will NOT see my belly button anytime soon. The vampire crop top will be worn over a basic black dress or top!

halloween haul.png

The Bow Down Witches has been purchased – it was a must and made me cackle when I saw it! However, I am hesitating on which Basic Witch I should pick? Thoughts? It will be worn with a corset belt or waist belt of some sort … ummm….


All of these items are under £20 which is awesome !

Seen anything that picked your fancy?


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4 thoughts on “⚡Boohoo Halloween Haul⚡

  1. The vampire dress is cute as hell. I currently have a shopping wishlist the size of Pluto so am running an Ebay auction that promises much but will probably yield little! Killstar’s new season stuff is killing me – as are the prices so discount codes are being prayed for.

    1. Oh lord i thought id responded but bloody wordpress failed me!! Yes I love the new season stuff but the prices are ridiculous for some of the items … The current promo is not so good either as it requires big spend.. Hoping they will do a halloween special 😀

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