⚡ On The Highway To Kim Jong Elle (#HorribleBosses)⚡

The majority of people who work non-office jobs never really comprehend the immensity of the fuckery that goes on behind glass doors and polished Microsoft smiles. I wrote this a while back to detail my short tenure in one of the worst workplaces my derrière has had the misfortune of parking itself at.  The below [...]

⚡You Lose Some, You Win Some⚡

You know how some people ‘Wake up Like This’ - cue *instant glowy face potentially generated by Maybelline*? Well, that ain’t me. In fact, over the past 2 months I have been getting out of bed looking like a tanned version of Alice Cooper, with a keratin blow dry and a thirst for H2O, make up remover and a [...]