⚡Psychosocial : All Hope Is Not Gone ⚡

So, the reference song for this blog post is Slipknot - Psychosocial . Not only is it a great song for angry everyday activities, [angry tea drinking? PSYCHOSOCIAL! angry commuting? PSYCHOSOCIAL!, angry dish washing? PSYCHOSOCIAL!] but it felt absolutely on point for today's post, which is about ditching and dealing with the psychosocials in my/your life. The... Continue Reading →

⚡ Stitch & Witch ⚡

If you follow alternative clothing brands online and on social media, you cannot have failed to notice a huge trend : the 'Imma Rich Witch Bitch' trend.  Occult symbols galore, pentagrams all the way down the panty line, and assorted evil eye sponsored by L'Oreal. Don't get me wrong, most of the items are totally... Continue Reading →

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