⚡Lookbook : Lady of the Ranting Rings⚡

The below picture is a perfect illustration of what one looks like when they really really really want to do an […]

⚡On The Railway To Hell: Commuting In London⚡

This Wednesday, like on many other Wednesdays, I took the London Underground (a.k.a the Tube, aka the mobile fart incubator) […]

⚡Influencer Influenza: The Devil is In The Retail⚡

** Controversial Opinion Alert ** I am a proud thriftarian,rummagerian,bargain binista. I love to forage for things, mix and match […]

⚡Confessions & Rants of an Introvert⚡

First confession: I have bitchface. And mine is not resting – it is active. All.the.goddamn.time. Which usually prompts the dreaded […]

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