Goth Corset Belts On A Budget

Apologies for the delay in between posts, I am still battling my vitamin D and folic acid deficiencies. These things are really draining me, but I got da drugz so I hope to be on the mend soon. drops folic acid

In the meantime, please check out these selection of corset belts for under £20! I am a sucker for belts, as they allow to transform a simple dress into a fashion warrior outfit.

It worked for Conan the Barbarian, so why not for us?


As an example, I am using this Boohoo dress, which could look rad with one of these belts, a big ass choker and some boots. I find splurging on accessories so much more fun than just dropping a lot of money on one dress. It allows me to recycle things and try different looks. Do you agree?

Yay or Nay?

What is your favourite?


🖤 Thunderella🖤

Links :

Wide Laced Corset Belt : Attitude Clothing,  £12.99

Studded O Ring Belt : Amazon, £9.48

Butterfly Elastic Corset Belt : Amazon : £12.99

Black Bardot Dress : Boohoo, £16.50

Roses Corset Belt : Amazon, £8.49

Laced Corset Belt : Attitude Clothing, £14.99

Butterfly Waspie Belt : Amazon, £12.99

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10 replies to “Goth Corset Belts On A Budget”

  1. thecailin says:


    1. Thunderella666 says:Author

      🙂 x

  2. Minn says:

    Woah they look awesome! Very nice selection. I plan on making some for & by myself, self drafted. So I won’t buy them, but it’s very inspirational 😁
    I agree, accessoiries are the best to make simple outfits shine, but somehow I always end up with the simple outfit alone…

    1. Thunderella666 says:Author

      Wow that’s amazing ! Looking forward to seeing them 🙂 xx

  3. Nici Rivers says:

    I definitely need to get some belts. I agree, they really do transform an outfit, and you can have one dress but with different belts it looks completely different!

    1. Thunderella666 says:Author

      Absolutely it allows to be versatile without breaking the bank !x

  4. My problem is these belts are too big x’D

    1. Thunderella666 says:Author

      Aw you could always go diy on them, you’re good at it 😉 x

  5. tom says:

    Nothing like a little Beefcake to cinch the deal

    1. Thunderella666 says:Author

      Hahahaha !

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