Photoshoot: Mistress of Puppets

⚡End of passion play, crumbling away 
I’m your source of self-destruction 
Veins that pump with fear, sucking darkest clear 
Leading on your death’s construction 
Taste me you will see
 More is all you need 
You’re dedicated to
 How I’m killing you ⚡










👚 Top : Custom from Etsy
👗 Skirt: Amazon £9.99
👘 Jacket : Primark £39
👢 Boots : New Rock
🏞 Location : London River Walk
📸 All Pics George “gt” Stergiou 2017 ©

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2 replies to “Photoshoot: Mistress of Puppets”

  1. I adore U ! 🙂 Love your style 🙂

    1. thunderella666 says:Author

      Yay ! Thank you so much Paulina !

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