⚡Imperfect Alt/Goth?I Confess My Sins!⚡

The following is a tongue-in-cheek and finger-up-the-middle post directed at what I call the Snoths aka the Snobby Goths and the AlTits […]

⚡Back to Reality & Quitting Virtual Insanity!⚡

So I am fresh back from a trip to Paris, during which I was supposed to blog daily. Did I […]

⚡Weekly Update : Exhaustion, Commotion & REBELLION !⚡

So at the moment, I am really struggling to keep up with everything.  The struggle is real and hard. “Harder […]

⚡Blogging Photography : Black & White Rescue⚡

Nope, this is not the most egotistical post on the bloggosphere, whereby I litter the internet with yet another blog […]

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