Whitby Goth Weekend 2018

… Sorry folks, but it took me nearly a week to reacclimatise to the “normal” world of bureaucracy, bullshit neatly typed in Office 365 and other assorted ghastly corporate crap.

After a wonderful 3 days at the Whitby Goth Weekend Festival – and as many outfits for me (lookbook post incoming!), going back to the office has been utterly depressing … I literally rocked up in the office looking and feeling like Abbath.  For an accurate visual representation of what this means, please picture the below creature with some blonde highlights, a black blazer and a slightly lighter lipstick. That’s it, you got Yours Truly :


But fear not, for I will reminisce about this glorious weekend by your side! And if you want to truly join me in this experience, grab a curry, some metal and splatter some black kohl all over your face because that is truly my current state – please ensure the mascara is runny vertically as illustrated!  Pout and make up to replicate above.

I will do two posts : one about the actual town event and one about the lookbook and my experience at the shows.

First of all, the town of Whitby.

Upon arrival on the Friday, I quickly dropped my things at the Arundel House Hotel  (I highly recommend it) and went for a stroll … I was NOT expecting such a cute little quaint town with a picturesque setting !

Whitby has its own charm and character and I absolutely loved it – more often than not, some English towns just end up being copies of each other, and I didn’t see this in Whitby.



The beach was gorgeous and provided (of course) a perfect background for seaside posing. I mean how neat and peaceful is this?? I even switched off Metallica from my Spotify when I arrived ! That is unheard of in my world !

Next, The Glorious Gothicness.

The effort people went into is AMAZING !!! Victorian Goths, Cyber Goths, Steampunk Goths, Pirate Goths, Fancy Metal Goths (that’s me) … a multitude of styles were represented, which made the streets of Whitby a glorious gothwalk.


Everybody was so ON POINT : canes, hat, make up, shoes, feathers, leather … everything was absolutely spot on and I felt somehow underdressed in my fancy metal goth attire.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

But who cares when you have GOTH ICE CREAM!!!!!


Basically the town was one big ol’ Gothic Extravaganza, and photographers had plenty to snap!


What can I say? This place was LITERALLY Goth Central : events, shops, gigs, food, music … everything was geared towards the Gothic Community and I was totally enchanted by it – for those on my social media accounts – you may have noticed a flurry of instagram / facebook posts about it 😉



But my, my, my … this post is getting massive and I haven’t even talked about the Greatest Goth Shop in the world, the Circus of Horrors, the Abbey, my crazy purchases …  So folks, how about a date to come back tomorrow for part 2??!

See You Then!

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Oh my gosh. All the gowns. I’m in love.



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I wandered here from Sarah’s blog and this post made me smile. I literally just booked my Oct accommodation for WGW this morning. Looking at your wonderful pics I can’t believe I have to wait another 6 months for all the gothy goodness 🙂


Belle of the Ball. Great site

Limbic Destruction

amazing. would love to go to the next one! your pictures really capture the moment 🙂

Caroline Carnivorous

Abbath 🖤 He actually lives just outside my city xD
Looks wonderful! I’m off to WGT in less than 2 weeks, so excited! 😀